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We are a Melbourne based multidisciplinary design firm.

We are a Melbourne based multidisciplinary design firm.


Curious Architects is a multidisciplinary design firm which integrates architecture, interior design, construction and project management. We believe our wide range of skills and expertise combined with an extensive understanding of the building process and industry gives Curious Architects a competitive edge on design firms our size and larger. Our combined knowledge is beneficial to all parties involved in the project and we endeavor to create healthy relationships between client, developer, consultants and construction firms, in turn producing the best outcome for all.

With our wide range of experience in the architectural, interiors and construction industries we have a culmination of over 35 years’ experience in our design and project management teams to help our clients achieve a smooth transition through the design and construction process.

Our professional approach to each project begins when we work with our clients on project brief and objectives. Through this process we can facilitate all aspects of the design and construction from schematic, design development, approvals, documentation and culminates with sub consultant coordination and contractors to deliver the desired objectives for our clients.